With this system, the improvement on Communications, both inner and external, is remarkable, and it increases the degrees of satisfaction and participation among our main groups of interest.

Also, our adhesion to the United Nations Global Compact is another step towards our pursuit for ethics and transparency.

Arcosia Social Centre (C.E.E.)

Arcosia Social Centre (C.E.E)To Access

Our Special Employment Centre was born in 2015 with the goal of helping people with special needs join the labor force, putting a special emphasis on creating quality jobs. This is how we started Arcosia Social Centre: a part of our resources goes to achieve this target, together with increasing the social responsibility policies which we implement in our management system since 2014.

Offering quality employments to people with functional diversity, and giving them the chance to develop productive, paid jobs, well adapted to their needs, is one of our objectives.

Enviromental Committment

Another characteristic of Limpiezas y Servicios Salamanca is our engagement with sustainable development. We identify the environmental impacts and other aspects of our activity which affect the natural world, and we make our best to minimize them.

Enviromental Committment

This is why we bet on sustainable, environmentally respectful techniques and products, always trying to prevent impact and pollution

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